After graduating from the University of Deusto with a degree in Business Management and Administration, Iñaki Maiz started his career at Deloitte in 2002.

Iñaki spent seven years working on auditing and consultancy projects at large companies in the construction and rail sectors, among others, as an audit manager.

In 2009, he joined Ikusi as director of Corporate Development and played a key role in the integration of the business acquired by Ikusi in Mexico.

In 2011, he became the company’s CFO, and in 2013, he took over as managing director of Ikusi, a company owned by Velatia. 

How important is the brand to the company’s strategy?

The brand is the sum of everything we do and everything each person in our organization does. It definitely helps us to express what we are and what we want to be, always oriented towards our customers. From this point of view, the brand is a first-class asset.

Values of the past such as quality, service and generating confidence are still important, but they are no longer enough. It’s increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself with products and services in a globalized economy, and I believe reputation is becoming an extremely valuable intangible asset. It clearly generates value and bias, and that’s why we are building a global brand with a unique image.   

Your company has a team of more than 700 highly qualified professionals. How can the brand help you to attract and retain international talent?

This is a crucial issue. We need to be an attractive company to everyone who is part of the project and to new profiles. One of Velatia’s values is to be a benchmark, and this translates into concepts such as commitment, brand and reputation. These elements are very important when creating a business.

What does Velatia contribute to the Ikusi brand?

Ikusi adheres to Velatia’s strategic path. Being part of a group with nearly 3,000 employees, offices in 19 countries, 15 factories and a world-class research and technology center is an excellent letter of introduction. Moreover, it’s a great context for developing growth strategies and entering new geographic markets and sectors. From the perspective of management and recruiting and retaining talent, joining a group of these characteristics greatly expands one’s potential for professional growth. In short, Velatia sets our strategic course in a way.

What are the main sources of differentiation for a company like Ikusi?

We recently completed a strategic positioning process, and logically, we asked ourselves what makes us different from other companies in our sector. We stand out for our knowledge of areas such as airports, smart cities, telecommunications networks, electric networks and mobility, our ability to integrate technological and network infrastructure solutions, and our technical expertise.

In short, I would say the sum of our knowledge, our experience with large technological infrastructures, and our ability to channel it into applications are what truly distinguish Ikusi from the competition.

You have customers in more than 80 countries and are present in nine. Which markets are currently the most important to Ikusi’s global business and which are the markets of the future?

At Ikusi, our different areas of activity include integration and engineering projects, digital solutions, connectivity and IT and advanced electronics. Naturally, each area has its own market logic, but in general, our main markets are Spain and Mexico, a country where we have more than 300 professionals.

What challenges does the company aim to meet in the next five years?

We are immersed in a process of accelerated change. Technology is constantly evolving, resulting in the commoditization of products, solutions and services with increasingly short cycles. The barriers to entry for competitors are weakening, which hampers our efforts to identify future competitors and even future customers. Disruption is affecting our clients as well as our own business.

With our knowledge of their businesses and our ability to transfer it to the application, we enable customers to manage their companies more efficiently, by lowering costs and boosting revenue. In these challenging circumstances, anticipation and flexibility will become even more vital, and collaboration is almost essential. Our main challenge is to be faster and better so that we can quickly assimilate new knowledge and skills and offer differential solutions to our customers.

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