AUXADI’s internationalization strategy is the result of the support and following-up to our clients

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AUXADI has presence in two regions: Southern Europe and Latin America, becoming a gateway for European companies to Latin America and vice versa.

We have been working for 35 years with multinational companies, which account for 95% of our customer portfolio. The key to our success is the way we treat our clients: we become their trusted finance administration department, basing our relation on experience, proximity and availability.

We have nearly 150 professionals in our firm, we are a team characterized by multiculturalism, not only with great technical mastery but also with strong values, business acumen and management and interpersonal skills.

In AUXADI we assign dialogue with our customers to our Key Account Managers, thus providing a single point of contact for all jurisdictions in which our customers have a presence. Our strategy is precisely  based on the quality of customer service, is our raison d’être, and under this premise have created a flexible and tailored model to each client, ensuring consistency in all our countries where we operate.

The Key Account Manager figure is complemented by the team of native experts in the investment countries destination, that allow full safety in quality and consistency in operations of which AUXADI is responsible.

The model is reinforced with a heavy investment in technology for the development of processes and systems, and an homogeneous working methodology, wherever we operate

Therefore, we are able to offer the same service with the same quality in different countries.

This way, we seek to fulfill the mission of AUXADI: make life easier for our clients.