Leader in Spain in health sector professional services, Áliad is a private company of consultancy, training and innovation with 18 years of experience

Our services are aimed at companies, Public administration, business and professional organizations and, in general, hospitals and healthcare centers in the areas of development and management consulting, training and innovation projects.
With regard to development and management consulting, we approach planning and management projects, health infrastructure, penetrate in new markets and excellence, including public health, health and wellness.


We are experts in business excellence, processes and quality, and safety. We work with the EFQM to promote the EFQM Model and we are leaders in the health sector. Our SEP Program “Excellent Health”, has more than 140 accredited hospitals and centers. Recently, we have launched “International SEP” focus on foreign patients in Spain.

We organize training by routes, areas (management, human and technical) and levels. We have delivered more than 1 million training hours over 70,000 professionals. With a catalog of 300 courses, we collaborate with professional associations, scientific organizations and universities.

We elaborate research studies and lead innovation projects, both with personal investment and for customers.


Regarding our international activity, Áliad works in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In Europe, we lead a project funded by the European Commission on active and healthy aging. In Asia, we offer with a Saudi company training and consulting services to companies and professionals in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; in Africa, our mixed Afro-European company “ACA solutions and projects for Africa” works for the development of sub-Saharan Africa; finally, we have partnerships in Latin America and the United States.

We are allies of all organizations that work for health, social innovation and welfare of people.