Design, innovation and reliability in electrical materials

Founded in 1916, Simon is the leading manufacturer of small electrical material on the Spanish market.
Its wide business activity offers different electrical fitting solutions for homes,offices and public areas: electrical material (Simon), lighting (Simon Lighting),workplace connection systems and trunking (Simon Connect), electronics (Simon Tech),metallic parts (Simon Metalics),and a range of wholesale materials (Simon Brico). Over the course of its history, Simon has managed to transform the most innovative technologies into products which offer comfort and safety, with a portfolio of over 20,000 items.

The Group’s constant investment in reaching the highest levels of quality and design, and continued advances in R&D/Innovation, has placed it at the forefront of innovation in domotics, a key factor for future competitiveness on this market.
Simon began international expansion two decades ago. Since then, 15 international companies have been established, representing half of the total number of collaborators. This expansion has proved key to reaching the necessary dimension and competitiveness on an increasingly global and dynamic market.
Currently the Simon Group international operations comprise: Portugal,  Morocco, Argentina, China (2), Brazil (2), Mexico, Russia, France, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and India.

A multinational family business, Simon’s goal is for its brand to become
a benchmark on 21st century international markets, just as it is.