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Arab forts, former convents, royal palaces, castles, ancestral homes… Outstanding buildings of past and present. These are the Paradores de Turismo,a brand acknowledged worldwide for their quality and comfort, but above all for their magic. There are Paradores located in the old quarters of cities that are World Heritage sites, in settings lost in deepest nature,or perching on a clifftop –all ringside seats from which to take in the variety of scenery, gastronomy and culture that coexist in Spain. Eighty years of history endorse this hotel chain, which by 2010 will have 100 establishments,spread over the whole of Spain. The brand enjoys high international prestige and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world decide each year to travel through Spain following the trail of its hotels. Paradores de Turismo is a public company whose mission is to recover and protect the historical heritage, boost areas with little tourist or economic activity, and serve as the image of a Spanish tourist industry that is welcoming and of high quality.The network combines this philosophy with high profitability, which enables it to undertake projects and investments that do not draw on the State budget. Its sustainable policies and corporate social responsibility have made a noteworthy contribution to its brand image.The network has more establishments with the EMAS environmental certificate than any other chain in Europe,and furthermore is the only chain to hold the ‘Q’for Quality certificate for the entire network.However,its main asset is its more than 4,500 employees,who have inherited a legendary hotel sector know-how.

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