LaLiga was born in 1984, formed by First and Second Division Spanish clubs. Today, the organization is a modern multinational company committed to social development. We are leaders in the global entertainment industry; the unrivaled emotion and passion of LaLiga making us the best televised football competition in the world. Through the medium of football, and with the world’s most cutting-edge technology, LaLiga shares epic stories, never told before.

LaLiga brings football to every part of the world with 44 offices around the globe. Much of the world enjoys the thrill of Spanish football; from the incredible “tiki-taka” style of play to breathtaking goals by the world’s most talented players. But that is not enough. We want to share LaLiga’s philosophy, values, and unprecedented offering of social services. We focus on the present while always working towards a better future. With projects like LaLiga Genuine, our foundation cultivates values of respect and integration in LaLiga’s youngest fans. We’ve pioneered the promotion of lesser-known sports with LaLiga4Sports, and we work to grow women’s football and empower women and girls everywhere with LaLiga Femenina Iberdola.

In football, as in life, sometimes failure is necessary before you can come back stronger for the win. Tears turn into smiles- it’s comedy, it’s drama, it’s the passion that moves the world to the rhythm of the game. Welcome to LaLiga.