Ikusi is a multi-location company that conducts its activity along three broad thrusts: systems and services integration, communication networks and TI integration and the design and manufacture of electronic components.

The Ikusi brand was created in 1967.Today, it has a team of over 800 highly qualified professionals and customers in over 80 countries, and devotes 4% of its turnover to R&D&i assignments. Ikusi is present in 9 countries.

Ikusi is part of Velatia, a family-run, industrial and technological group with a global reach and made up of a multicultural team comprising nearly 2,900 people from 20 countries. Velatia has offices in 19 countries, 15 production plants and a world-class Research and Technology Centre.

Ikusi from milestone to milestone:

2015: Best Cisco Partner Summit Spain Solution Innovation
2015: Best Cisco partner in Mexico
2015: Best Cisco partner in Latin America
2015: Opening of the Telecontrol subsidiary in the United States
2013: Best Cisco partner in Latin America
2013: Daxa Colombia is acquired
2011: Best Cisco partner in Latin America
2010: Joined Velatia (previously known as Grupo Ormazabal)
2008: Micronet de México is acquired
2007: Ikusi Colombia is founded
2006: Recognition of the Ikusi brand by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum
2006: Ikusi Middle East is founded in Dubai, UAE
2006: Bema Steuerungstechnik, now known as Ikusi GmbH, is acquired in Germany
2005: Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in Technological Innovation
2005: Ikusi moves to the Miramon Technology Park in San Sebastian,
the firm’s current headquarters.
2003: GS Comunicaciones, now known as Ikusi Mexico, is acquired
1999: Ikusi Chile is founded
1995: Ikusi ANZ Pty is founded in Australia
1993: The process of expanding the Airports Division into other countries begins
with the Santiago de Chile Airport project
1991: Ikusi France is founded
1978: Ikusi is granted approval as a security company (8th August, nº151)
1977: Remote control activities are launched
1971: Ángel Iglesias SA is formed as a legal entity
1967: Ikusi is registered as a commercial brand
1964: The electronics laboratory is created, which would eventually result in the
formation of the R+D Department
1959: The firm resolves to specialise in the field of television signal reception
1949: The commencement of business.