A step ahead

Naturgy is a leading multinational gas and electricity company with close to 23 million customers worldwide and 15.5 GW of installed power in over 30 countries around the world. It is one of the principal operators of liquefied natural gas in the world and the benchmark operator in the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins, the first and largest integrated gas and electricity company in Spain and Latin America, the leading gas supplier on the Iberian Peninsula and the top gas distribution group in Latin America. The group has a team of 20,000 people and a diverse business portfolio with great growth potential. Gas Natural Fenosa has one and a half centuries of experience behind it. It began its business activity in 1843 with the mission to illuminate the city of Barcelona with gas street lights. Gas Natural Fenosa’s financial, environmental and social results have been acknowledged through the listing of the company on prestigious sustainability indices: FTSE4Good, since 2001, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World since 2008 and its European Variant, DJSIEurope, which acknowledges Gas Natural Fenosa as the world leader in the utilities sector in sustainability. The new Strategic Vision of Gas Natural Fenosa aims to protect the current business model, which has shown itself to be capable of growth over recent years, and to lay the foundations for ongoing growth.