Business school specialising in technology and innovation

The School of Industrial Organisation (EOI) was the first Spanish institution to offer postgraduate studies in the 50s, becoming the dean of business schools. In the 60s it was the first educational institution to incorporate new technologies to business management and played a leading role in the 70s in the transition to democracy, adapting peaceful coexistence, civic values and respect for diversity into business management. In the 90s, its emphasis was on online training and the development of a network of services for SMEs. Today, the school, designed to foster open-mindedness and collaborative work, is a place to generate and distribute knowledge and services for the conciliation of different ideas and feelings with regards to: Sustainability, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation. Values are summarised in terms of the real economy, technological and social innovation and service vocation to Society. The School develops programmes and lines of research on three major areas: Innovation and creativity in business management, the Environment, energy and sustainability and New Industries. The programmes are available in the following formats: postgraduate and executive, in company and continuous training. It is one of the Spanish postgraduate schools with most international appeal. EOI International collaborates with leading universities in Latin America.

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