Atlético de Madrid

Passion and values

Atlético de Madrid, founded in 1903, is a leading football club brand and a benchmark both in Spain and abroad. It is the third largest Spanish football club in terms of titles, fans, history and, most of all, for the passion and the values that the brand conveys.

Atlético de Madrid is the club with the third most domestic league titles (9), behind Real Madrid and Barcelona, and has fan clubs in 17 countries. Along with Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid is the only Spanish team to have been world champion, by winning the Intercontinental Cup in 1975. Atlético de Madrid’s commitment to sport and society is demonstrated through its partnerships with Unicef, Infancias sin Fronteras and other international charities undertaking projects in different countries.

This Madrid-based club is the only football team to be a member of the International Olympic Academy, having also signed an agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee for the dissemination of Olympic values in society.

Atlético is also a pioneer among European clubs in having established close links between sport and academia.

It is one of the only European clubs with a separate department for studies and research, and has participated in joint projects with the universities of Liverpool, London and Coventry. The analysis of its strategy of brand internationalisation has been selected by Simon Chadwick and Dave Arthur in their book International Cases in the Business of Sport, along with 30 other case studies of renowned international success, such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United or the ESPN STAR Sports platform. In recent years, Atlético de Madrid has also become an international benchmark in the world of sports advertising and marketing. Each year, their campaigns generate more excitement and impact; the club has also been awarded several international sports marketing prizes.