What is the MAPI Club

Club MAPI - Marcas de Alto Potencial Internacional

The club for Spanish Brands with High International Potential [Marcas de Alto Potencial Internacional –MAPI] is an initiative by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, created to support companies with their own brands who have the greatest potential to succeed abroad and thus will be able to become join the Forum in the future as a full member.

Leading Brands MAPI Club

Small and medium enterprises whose brands have high potential brands

Size and financial situation that enables a company to go international

Competitive strength in the domestic market

Stages of international development for brands

  • 1
  • Introduction to internationalisation
    One-off exports to international markets. The company's activities are concentrated in its country of origin.

  • 2
  • High international potential
    Commitment to an expansion strategy with the brand. Knowledge development in the parent company and transfer to other countries.

  • 3
  • Expansion and consolidation of markets
    Brand leadership at a national level and establishment of international brand. Great awareness of local opportunities.

  • 4
  • International expansion
    The brand is positioned in the markets where it is present and new markets are opened. Corporative strategies implemented.

  • 5
  • Global presence
    Global management of brand image. Joint development and global exploitation.

The commitment of Leading Brands of Spain Forum to MAPI

Accreditation and Recognition

  • Awarding of Accreditation which recognises Spanish Brands with High International Potential and authorises the use of the exclusive seal.
  • Participation in all projects, activities and initiatives of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum.
  • Publication of the company profile in the Leading Brands of Spain Forum website with a link to the website.

Transfer of knowledge and experience

  • Development of 'roadmaps' on international expansion plans.
  • Business meetings with leading brands and experts in the fields of brands and internationalisation.
  • Access to channels of relationships and networking with executives of leading brands, MAPI and government bodies.

Visibility and Interaction

  • Publication of the most important news on the FMRE website.
  • Interviews with brands with high international potential in the monthly digital newsletters and the bi-annual magazines published by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum.
  • Visibility in prestigious publication such as the Atlas and the Leading Brands books.