The Leading Brands of Spain Forum

What is the Leading Brands of Spain Forum?

THE LEADING BRANDS OF SPAIN FORUM (FMRE) is an initiative of the leading Spanish brands in collaboration with the Public Administration to promote and defend Spanish brands.

Mixed Structure of the FMRE

The FMRE has a mixed structure.
What is the FMRE’s Mission?
– Be the leading spokesperson for Spanish brands, to institutions and key audiences: the administration, the business community, academia, the media, etc.
– Operate as a support platform for Spanish brands going international.
– Promote the optimum legal, economic and fi scal framework to allow Spanish brands to grow and develop in Spain and abroad.
– Be a forum for discussion and knowledge on brands, their value and development as a key element for the competitiveness of Spain’s economy.
– Promote, alongside the public administration, the Spain brand as a brand which adds value to Spanish companies and institutions operating abroad.
Leading brands are the engine of the “Made in Spain” Brand.
Since its foundation in 1999 the Forum has consolidated its role.
– It has grown from 17 to 97 members.
– It has fostered involvement by the competent public authorities.
– It has generated momentum for the new law on brands.
– It has promoted the new support plan for Spanish brands developed by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX).
– It has certified key individuals from civil society as Honorary Ambassadors of the Spain Brand.
– Propone y desarrolla medidas de apoyo público a la internacionalización de las empresas y marcas españolas.
– It proposes and develops public support for the internationalization of Spanish companies and brands.
– It organizes annual information and educational events and publishes prestigious publications in which members participate actively.

Membership criteria

The FMRE conducts a time sensitive and objective evaluation when determining the entry of new members.

The brand or its image must be Spanish and have an excellent reputation.

The brands reputation and distinction as well as its level of internationalization are the key criteria taken into account along with brand leadership and the size of the company.

Membership advantages

1. Joint development of a worldwide pioneer project involving leading Spanish brands.

2. Joint Brand spokesmanship to the key public institutions.

3. Joint representation of leading Spanish brands while defending their interests, in collaboration with the Ministries of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and Foreign Affairs, as well as with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks.

4. Members and the Association benefit from direct support from the network of Spanish embassies and commercial offices abroad.

5. Joint mutually beneficial development of “co-branding” collaboration (corporate and commercial brands) activities with the Public Administration (Spain Brand)

6. Joint development of synergies between associated brands, while they are in the process of going international (commercial, financial, alliances…).

7. Access to the latest in Brand Management.

8.Joint exclusive participation in Forum publications and research.

9. Joint protection of our brands, through development of a recognised and efficient legal framework.

10. Joint positioning of Spanish brands as an international reference of prestige and as an engine of development of the Spain Brand.