The Leading Brands of Spain Forum is now present on the leading social networking site on Internet. Passing the 500 million-user mark in July, Facebook has revolutionised communication between people and organisations in recent years, and the forum, ever open to innovation in communication, considers this to be an extraordinary tool for bringing about greater awareness of its mission.
The forum’s Facebook page offers the main news from the organisation, and other information relative to its brands, particularly the Spain Brand. Moreover, the participation of the people joining this page will naturally allow a dialogue to be set up with them that will undoubtedly enrich the organisation’s day to day affairs.
In short, Facebook opens up the opportunity for greater dissemination of the forum’s activity and brings an interested public closer to its scope of action. This is a new tool in keeping with the times and new ways of communicating.
The link at the end of this article is to the Leading Brands of Spain Forum’s Facebook page. Click on “Like” to access the latest.

Leading Brands of Spain Forum page on Facebook

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