Sara Baras lent her voice to the accreditation ceremony of the seventh edition of the Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors (EHME), held on 14 March, at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. This is an initiative of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (FMRE) in collaboration with the High Commissioner of the Government for the Spain Brand. This acknowledgement is granted in seven categories on a biennial basis, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

In addition to Sara Baras in the category of ‘Culture and Communication’, the new Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors are: Francisco Martínez Cosentino (Business Management), Andrés Iniesta (Sports), Gabriel Escarrer (Tourism and Gastronomy), Elcano Royal Institute (Institutional Relations), ‘La Caixa’ social project (Social Action) and Juan Ignacio Cirac (Science and Innovation). The objective of these accreditations is to publicly acknowledge individuals, businesses and institutions which have most and best contributed, through their exemplary professional careers, to strengthening the positive image of Spain abroad.

During her speech, Sara Baras, who expressed pride, responsibility and gratitude with the noble task that had been assigned to her, said: “When I think of my teachers I think of people that were humble but also great at the same time, capable of spreading their greatness, but also teaching you the importance of sacrifice, effort, dedication, to love what you do, to put your heart and soul into it. That beautiful things are built with effort. Because over the years, one learns that life is not just winning or losing, but feeling, enjoying, dreaming, sharing… dancing”. And she added, “One should never forget where you come from. And never think you are above anyone. But you must also believe and trust in yourself, be ambitious and take risks. And what is true for each of us individually also applies to all of us as a society.”

The accreditation ceremony of the seventh edition of the Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors was presided over by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. Gloria Lomana participated as commentator for the ceremony, and speeches were also given by the Chairman of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, José Luis Bonet, the High Commissioner of the Government for the Spain Brand, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, the vice chairman for the Brands Forum, and Antonio Abril, the chairman of the Panel of Judges for the Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors.

The King stressed the work of the Ambassadors’ in his speech: “As in all previous editions, this is a well-deserved recognition, since the trajectories of the new Honorary Ambassadors, have no doubt contributed to project our image around the world, our talent, our work and our principles as a society”. And he added “this sample of excellence, good work and committed conduct that you represent generates a feeling of true pride in all of us as Spaniards: proud of you, and also of all that together, as a people, we have known how to and been able to achieve. These have been successes achieved with effort, creativity and courage, qualities that, along with the strongest values, allow our society to confront and overcome the most difficult challenges”.

Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, in addition to highlighting the importance of values, stressed that “it is necessary to put the love for our country above private interests”.

The importance of values

José Luis Bonet, Chairman of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, expressed himself explaining how the values not only move the Ambassadors, but also move companies, “because not only what we achieve is important, but above all it is how we do it. A company plays a role as an engine of economic and social development. Companies are a fundamental pillar of our economic model. The purpose of a company is to produce goods and services to meet economic and social needs, to create jobs, to obtain returns for its shareholders and other investors, but also to make a positive contribution to the social and physical environment in which it operates”.

In turn, Antonio Abril, stressed the international character of the Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors, “their prestige goes beyond our borders, and their truly global nature, make these people and institutions assets that provide great value to our country and, therefore, their contribution deserves all of our appreciation: Administration, business, and society in general”.

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