On November 28th, the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, in collaboration with the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, the Office of the High Commissioner for Marca España, and the Embassy of Spain in Belgium, held a meeting in Brussels for a group of Spanish professionals residing in Belgium. Entitled “The diaspora of Spanish professionals and their contribution to the internationalization of the Spanish economy,” its purpose was to discuss ways to take advantage of the asset represented by the Spanish professional diaspora.

After a few words of welcome from Cecilia Yuste Rojas, Ambassador of Spain in Belgium, and José Luis Bonet, president of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, Miguel Otero, managing director of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum and moderator of the event, introduced the rest of the speakers and the topic of discussion, whose main points were as follows:

  • How can the Spanish professional diaspora support the external projection and internationalization of the Spanish economy?
  • How can Spanish professionals abroad be supported from Spain? What are their needs?
  • What mechanisms could be used to implement this support effectively?

Next, Enrique Fanjul, member of the Scientific Council of the Elcano Royal Institute, took the floor. He explained that the number of Spanish professionals established abroad had increased considerably in recent years. These professionals work for Spanish companies, multinationals, public institutions in their countries of residence, and international organizations. Fanjul argued that efforts should be made to establish mechanisms to take advantage of this valuable asset. As an example, he cited the excellent work that is being done from Australia, which can be used as a model.

After that, several success stories of professional networks abroad were told.

The first success story was presented by Wim den Tuinder, director of IESE Alumni Association & Institutional Development. Wim spoke about the process of expansion of his alumni network and the different expansion and development programs being implemented by IESE.

The next success story was presented by Nicolás García, director of “LaLiga Global Network.” Nicolás spoke about the strategy and goals being pursued through this initiative, which aims to strengthen the position of LaLiga worldwide.

Then, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, president of the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania (FEDECOM), described the important role of FEDECOM in creating relations between Spain and other countries around the world.

Finally, all guests were invited to participate in the debate. They discussed subjects such as the role of women in the business world, the emigration of young Spanish talent, and the role of Spanish companies in the internationalization of “Marca España.”

This meeting was part of the Spain Global project, launched by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum with the goal of connecting networks of Spanish professionals abroad.

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