Since Expo Shanghai 2010 opened on 1 May, the success of the Spain Brands showroom/shop in the Spanish Pavilion can be rated very positively. The public is responding with excitement and enthusiasm to its offer of quality and prestige under the management of the Leading Brands of Spain Association (AMRE), featuring the participation of 17 leading brands: Mango, Tous, Torres, Natura Bissé, Lladró, Carrera y Carrera, Pikolinos, Panama Jack, Scalextric, Barbadillo, Freixenet, El Caballo, Pastas Gallo, Carbonell, La Española, Adolfo Domínguez and Estrella Galicia.

In fact, in its four first months of operation, until 31 August, over 1,200,000 people have visited the showroom/shop, which barely covers 50 square metres. This means that an average of 10,500 people/day have visited, approximately one third of those visiting the Spanish Pavilion. The Spain Brands store has already taken in excess of RMB 6,700,000 (€790,000), averaging sales of over RMB 56,000 (€6,500) per day. To date some 40,000 people have purchased more than 56,000 products bearing Spanish brands.

Chinese consumers like Spanish brand products and this is obvious in the interest of visitors and sales. From wine and olive oil to fashion and accessories, the Spain Brand shop at Expo Shanghai 2010 has already become a symbol of the Spanish Pavilion, which in turn is one of the most successful at the Universal Expo. Every day the long queues for the Spanish Pavilion are repeated. More than 4.7 million people have already visited it to date.

Among the most popular brands favoured by Chinese visitors are Pikolinos shoes, making up 12% of sales in the shop, followed by Mango clothes (9.34%), Torres wines (9.28%), Tous jewellery and accessories (7%), La Española olive oil (6%) and Freixenet cava (5%).

The aim of this showroom/shop is to contribute to enhance the image of Spanish products and services and of Spain in general to a market with China’s strategic significance. As Miguel Otero, AMRE general manager expressed: “It is necessary to use leading Spanish brands to convey an image of excellence and prestige to the offer of Spanish products and services in a market of such importance today and in the future as is China, where there is still significant lack of awareness of the potential of Spain and its brands.”” The showroom has a modern and flexible design that conveys the quality and excellence of Spanish brands.  The showroom/store has a surface area of barely 50 m2 and is divided into three departments: fashion, food and drink, and jewellery and accessories.

In this way, the Spain Brand benefits from the image of excellence associated with Spanish brands, while these take advantage of an incomparable setting that is the Spanish Pavilion and an event with such huge impact that is the Shanghai Expo to enhance their penetration into the Chinese market and their recognition there.

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