ehme-2011The Leading Brands of Spain Forum, through a panel of judges made up of representatives from business and institutions – some on an international level – and chaired by Antonio Abril, Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Inditex and Deputy Chairman of the Forum, appointed the new Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors (SBHAs) this morning at the Marqués de Cáceres wine cellars in La Rioja. This year is the fourth edition of these awards, the aim of which is to publicly acknowledge individuals, companies and institutions that have contributed throughout their careers to strengthening Spain’s image abroad. This recognition is granted every two years in seven categories, with the approval of the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The new Honorary Ambassadors for the Spain Brand are: Antonio Garrigues (Business Management), Instituto Cervantes (Communication), the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (Social Action), Inma Shara (Culture), Rafael Nadal (Sport), Santiago Calatrava (Science and Innovation) and the Spanish national football team (extraordinary accreditation).





This appointment is made owing to Garrigues being the most internationally-recognised jurist and for setting standards in the field of business management in his role as chairman of the Garrigues legal firm, which ranks among the leading legal services companies in Europe and among the most prestigious in the world. Antonio Garrigues has chaired the Japan-Spain Foundation Council; he is currently the chairman of the Australia-Spain Foundation Council and honorary patron of the US-Spain Foundation Council. He has advised governments such as those of the United States and Japan in their relations with Spain. He was also the chairman of the International Law Association.


This appointment is made owing to the Instituto Cervantes being an ambassador for a leading vehicle for communication, the Spanish language, which is studied and learned by thousands of people around the world through this institution. It has 74 centres in the major cities on six continents where it works to disseminate Spanish language and culture. It is also a meeting place for Hispanists, students and Spain enthusiasts, projecting the image of a culturally diverse, rich and attractive country.


This appointment is made owing to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation’s social action in Anantapur, Andra Pradesh, India, where it has contributed to rescue thousands of people from poverty through sustainable development, i.e. universal conservation agriculture, microloans, water provision, health care and education. The foundation has some 150,000 sponsored children in its care; it employs 1,800 people, operates five hospitals – one specialising in patients with AIDS – and more than one thousand schools, benefiting two and a half million people in more than 2,000 municipalities in the Indian state where it is based.


This appointment is made because Inma Shara is one of the most outstanding representatives of the new generation of orchestra conductors in Spain. She has conducted the leading Spanish symphony orchestras, in addition to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.


Por ser el mejor tenista español de la historia y uno de los deportistas españoles más laureados. Con su victoria en el Abierto de EE UU acaba de entrar en la leyenda, al ser el tenista más joven en conquistar los cuatro torneos del Grand Slam. Su afán de superación, su entrega, su humildad, su respeto hacia los rivales y su espíritu deportivo hacen de Nadal un icono mundial dentro y fuera de las pistas, y un referente de los mejores valores asociados al deporte, proyectando una imagen muy positiva de España.

Science and Innovation: SANTIAGO CALATRAVA

This appointment is made to the best Spanish tennis player of all time and one of the most distinguished Spanish sportspersons. His victory in the US Open saw him enter the annals of legend as the youngest tennis player ever to win the four Grand Slam events. His drive for betterment, his dedication, his modesty and respect for his rivals, and his sportsmanship make Nadal an icon on and off the courts, and a role model for the best values associated with sport, all the while projecting a very positive image for Spain.


Extraordinary accreditation as Spanish Brand Honorary Ambassadors to the Spanish national football team. Exceptionally, in recognition of the great international impact its success has had in raising hopes and uniting Spanish society around the Spain Brand and for its conveyance of the values of joint effort and team spirit, the jury has decided to offer extraordinary acknowledgement to the Spanish national football team by granting it the title of Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors.


This appointment comes as the result of the promotion and projection given to the international image of Spain by its being proclaimed winners of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, which had an unprecedented media impact and international exposure. The Spanish national football team represents the values of modesty and teamwork. The uniting of efforts for a common interest was undeniably an example for the entire world, as was the Spanish team’s internationally-admired style of play.


77366793In addition to Antonio Abril, head judge, speakers at the public announcement of the new series of Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors included the Director-General of International Economic Relations at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Eugenio Salarich, and the Chairwoman of Marqués de Cáceres, Cristina Forner.

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