Design, personality, sensuality and passion for life

The brand Roberto Verino is sold through the company Roberto Verino Difusión, S.A.

The company has its head offices in Ourense (Galicia) where it has a 7000-m² manufacturing facility, an R&D Centre and a workforce of around 500.

The brand’s positioning is based on the values of Roberto Verino:
– The design: simple, timeless, balanced, functional, elegant.
– The personality: original, natural, authentic.
– Sensuality as a form of insinuation and seduction, not of provocation.
– A passion for life, defined as vitality, commitment, intensity and nonconformity.

Its target market are professional, modern, urban men and women between 30-50 years old who are concerned not about age but about a lifestyle that highlights their cares for their environment, their family, adapting to the times and using clothes to feel comfortable in any place and at any time: at work, on the weekend and on special occasions.

Roberto Verino has an excellent image thanks to its concept of innovation and fine quality.  This image, together with careful distribution through its network of stores and franchises, has allowed the company to maintain a privileged position in comparison to competitors in Spain and abroad in its customer segment in terms of technology, training and a talent to anticipate consumer tastes.

Today, with its own stores, in-store concessions in El Corte Inglés and franchises, the company has a total of 159 outlets.

The company has a vertical structure that integrates the design, manufacturing and distribution of various lines of clothing (Men’s Collection, Women’s Collection, Accessories …) in two seasons, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer, offering excellent value for money.  The products are distributed through its own stores, in-store concessions and franchises located in the best shopping districts in major cities in buildings with an architecture and décor that reinforce the values of innovation and quality in the creations of Roberto Verino.

The brand also sells perfumes, glasses and ceramic goods.

Roberto Verino has managed to imprint a timeless style in his clothing because for him “it is absurd to pretend that men and women of our time transform their way of dressing every six months”.

He strongly supports the use of natural materials and has always been one of the figures championing Spanish linen, wool and sheepskin in Europe.