The pleasure of walking and daily excitement as a way of lifepanamajack1 panamajack2 panamajack3

HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY: The search for new adventures, something different, something fascinating, gave rise to the birth of Panama Jack in 1989. It follows a natural lifestyle that sets it apart, and therein lies its appeal. Ethical principles, transparency and sincerity are behind all Panama Jack’s activities; and lasting friendship is the link that joins the organization to its customers. Distribution is focussed on a painstaking selection of outlets.

PRODUCT: Panama Jack’s Basic Boot sums up the whole of the brand’s concept:with its natural, urban style, simple lines, top quality materials, its elements provide comfort for the feet.

PANAMA JACK PEOPLE:Panama Jack people are distinguished not by their age, spending power or social status, but by their attitude and way of thinking. The pleasure of walking, a natural style and a search for daily excitement as a way of life are what link the brand with its public.

SPONSORSHIPS: for the past 15 years, Panama Jack has been collaborating with the Ruta Quetzal, a project recognised by UNESCO, under the leadership of Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo. It is also involved with the Atapuerca archaeological project,supplying groups of archaeologists who go every summer to the digs searching for clues to the origin of man.