World League Hopes

The professional football league (with the Spanish initials of LFP) is made up of the 42 Spanish football clubs that compete in the two highest categories of the sport in Spain: the Liga BBVA – First Division League, and Liga Adelante – Second Division. These are the only two professional leagues in Spain. The LFP is in charge of organising and commercialising both leagues. Football is the number one sport in Spain and the world. Its supporters are people of all sexes, ages and backgrounds. This makes it a universal sport. The LFP is internationally recognised as one of the world’s best leagues and is among the most widely disseminated. The international signal reaches more than 180 countries on five continents, potentially covering more than 4,000 million people. Spanish professional football is, without doubt, one of the biggest exporters of the Spain image. The Liga BBVA currently has an average television audience in Spain of 4.3 million viewers per fixture, and the Liga Adelante has more than 650,000. Each time Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona come face to face, the television audience is close to 10 million people in Spain alone, not forgetting the hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. At least one third of Spaniards follow the games. The LFP is the most-followed foreign league in every country in Latin America, with a large penetration in Europe and the United States, and burgeoning growth in the Far East. The teams’ total budgets come close to 1.6 billion euros. This is direct investment. Indirectly, football moves much more money. It has been estimated that the sector generates more than 80,000 indirect jobs, which represent around 2.5% of GDP in the service sector and contributes nearly one billion euros to the Spanish government.