Spanish brand of exclusive jewellery famous all around the world

Carrera y Carrera is a jewellery company whose products and image uphold Spain’s implicit values: passion, energy, nature, zest for life, light, refinement and modernity. The brand’s cornerstone is its passion for beauty. By their very nature, Carrera y Carrera pieces require an intricate, perfect elaboration that can only be done by expert hands and truly artistic craftsmen, who are behind the quality that is unique to the company. Carrera y Carrera offers a wide variety of fine pieces of jewellery and watches, all with modern, avant-garde designs. The company exports 70% of its products to over 60 countries worldwide. It has over 250 sales outlets on the five continents, between its own shops and sole distributors, such as the prestigious Neiman Marcus stores in the USA. Its main export markets are Japan and Russia, where the company has boutiques under its own brand name: Carrera y Carrera, in addition to a large number of in-store corners and sales outlets. The USA is also a market with great potential where the brand is currently developing well. In Europe, Carrera y Carrera operates in Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Germany, Cyprus, France and Spain, and is soon to enter the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.