Focused on its Commitment to the Client, Quality and long term Service

We are a Global Company in Technology, Engineering and Innovation who offers solutions in Facilities and High Value Added Services, with more than 250 professionals operating in 8 countries.

We integrate systems. Through a perfect combination between energy, communication, electronics and information technologies, we create solutions applied to infrastructures, industry and singular buildings, giving response to the needs of our clients in order to improve their economic, social and environmental development, ensuring their long-term sustainability.

Our 15 years of experience and our professional know-how have allowed us to develop innovative and effective solutions for our clients in aeronautics industries, large sports and healthcare facilities, providing services in all electrical, mechanical and audiovisuals systems.

We firmly believe in the importance of a long term investment, providing excellence to our clients. We can find proof of this in more than 100 Technological Systems we have implemented in large Football Stadiums around the world (Europe, Africa and South America), and the excellent work done for important clients in the aeronautic field, for instance Airbus (EADS), developing Facilities and Services in Spain, Germany and France as a Preferent Supplier.

4 values which make us different:

1.-GLOBAL SERVICE: our customer service is present in every phase of our projects, from the beginning engineering phase to the development, execution, maintenance, management and operations stages.

2.-ADAPTATION, DELIVERY TIME AND COMPETITIVENESS: adaptation to client requirements, even when there are modifications during the process, ensuring compliance with the original deadline and our competitiveness, make us a safe allie.

3.-FYNANCIAL CAPACITY AND ENTERPRISING SPIRIT: when we believe that a new project will reward us with knowledge, social or economic value, we commit ourselves to develop it until the end, because we are passionate about innovation and new challenges. Enterprising spirit is in our DNA.

4.-TOTAL COST LIFE: this concept, borrowed from the aeronautic field, is applied in every single of our projects: Complete Life Cycle Cost. The initial investment compromises the durability, maintenance and continuing satisfactory performance.

Notable Works:

-Security and Audiovisual Systems for the Cup America 2007 in Venezuela.

-Security and Audiovisual Systems for the African Cup of Nations 2012 in Guinea and Gabon.

-Facilities development and implementation of the 350 XWB Airbus Factory in Illescas, Spain.

-Ventilation systems of the underground routing plan for the M30 road in Madrid.

-Air Conditioning system of Beluga Hangars in Hamburg and Bremen.

-Audiovisual Systems of the worlds’ largest Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Electric systems of the new Panama Canals’ locks.