Rafael Moragón Martinez is a graduate in Business Administration and Management of the Autonomous University of Madrid, has a Master´s Degree in Business Strategies for Asia Pacific from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Denmark, a Specialist Master´s Degree in Management of Financial Portfolios from Options – Futures Institute and a Diploma in Marine Purchasing & Supply from the IMPA (Intern. Marine Purchasing Assoc). After having undertaken various positions of responsibility in different sectors of Tec Container, he was appointed Managing Director of the Board of Shareholders, and is completely in charge of the overall running of the company, strategic planning and development, as well as of all the sectors which make up the organisation.

Tec Container has served the market for 40 years. What are the milestones you would highlight along your path as a brand?

The path of the brand has been in line with the evolution of the company. From the beginning we wanted it to be associated with one of the core values of the company, which is the technology and innovation behind our designs. One of the most relevant milestones has undoubtedly been the establishment of three brands under the umbrella of the main brand: containerspreaders.com; lashingcages.com and ohframes.com. All three complement the brand´s flagship message, placing emphasis on the products around which we wish to focus our strategy, in addition to our great commitment to digital transformation.

What importance is placed on the brand in the strategy of the company? What motivated you to recently change your logo?

TEC Container has undergone a transformation on a very profound level in recent years. Not only has it changed its strategy but also aspects such as our business culture. We believe that it is important to convey this message to the market in a very simple manner, one that is very visual and also easy to grasp. Amongst a range of activities and advertising we believed that the logo was, without doubt, one of the best ambassadors for this change.

You have a presence in more than 80 countries and the greatest part of your income comes from international markets. What are your competitive advantages compared to other international groups?

To highlight one, I would go with our ability to listen, to understand the customer and to adapt to what they really need. Other groups, perhaps due to their greater size and therefore lesser agility and flexibility, are not able to offer this capacity for adaptability that we offer. We do not dispatch products, we create solutions and help make transactions more efficient and secure.

Which markets currently offer a greater volume of trade for Tec Container´s international business and which are the markets of the future?

TEC has a presence throughout the world and the answer to the question depends on which line of business we focus on. On an aggregate level, the market in which we have the greatest presence is Europe. Without doubt the future leads along the path of continued expansion throughout Latin America and the United States of America, although we are also working to increase our presence in the rest of the world.

What promotional strategy is the brand pursuing in the international markets?

For TEC positioning on the Internet is vital. Also making contact with local companies whose brands are closely associated with quality and safety is essential to us. And lastly, our brand is doing an important job, along with institutions and other stakeholders in the market, to promote the creation of new regulations that ensure high standards of quality and safety.

What are the challenges facing the company over the next five years?

The challenges for TEC are to continue the process of transformation the organisation is involved in. We know that change has come to stay and for this reason we are developing the capabilities within our organisation to continue to be leaders in agility and flexibility, whilst maintaining the safety and quality standards that, without a doubt, have allowed us to become a benchmark in the market.

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