Chemistry graduate with doctoral studies from Madrid Autonomous University and a Masters in Nuclear Engineering and Political Sociology.

With over 30 years’ professional experience, her early career was in quality management at companies such as Initec-Bechtel, ISDEFE, Siemens Nixdorf España and Andersen Consulting.

Ms Rodríguez has worked hard on the promotion of business excellence, particularly in the healthcare sector, working with organisations such as EFQM, where she was an Advisor for the EFQM European Award for Excellence and a member of the jury for this Award in the Healthcare sector.

She has been working in Healthcare since 1996, when she founded Áliad, of which she is the Chairwoman. She is the creator of the “Excellent Health” scheme with the support of sponsorship from private clinics.

What importance is placed on the brand in the strategy of the company?

Áliad has always believed in the extraordinary importance of the brand.

Our brand is a distinguishing feature of our business group that makes a decisive contribution to our positioning, above all, in a highly specialised market such as ours.

From the beginning, we have been investing in branding in all our activities, both in the corporate image for courses, where the brand is visible in different ways (logo, corporate colours, educational material, original images and designs, etc.) and also in consulting activities, where in addition to the above, the brand is evident in a particular, highly characteristic methodology.

Brand strengthening has led us to create reinforcement tools such as meetings, merchandising, social networks, etc.

For us branding is not just a logo and a corporate image, it is a way of doing business. This personal identification in the form of our brand makes our services and in particular our products recognisable as associated to Áliad, and has even protected our intellectual property because our brand is so well-known.

What competitive advantages of doing business with Áliad, as opposed to its rivals, would you like to mention?

Undeniable quality and impeccable service, even at the expense of profitability.

We always work with skilled specialists, in specialist fields, and we take care of every minute detail. In each activity, our company and its brand are under scrutiny.

In what markets are you present and in what way?

We operate in the market of training – for employees and the unemployed – and in healthcare sector consulting and related sectors (social care, food, leisure, retail, etc.)

Which markets have the most potential for the future?

The market of information technology and new social networking. Under Healthcare, the anti-ageing and health promotion market.

What promotional strategy is the brand pursuing in the international markets?

The economic crisis has had a considerable effect on the chances of investing in international markets. Considering that our products are services, consulting requires significant investment for internationalisation and our training service is conditioned by the difficulty in finding a reliable partner. However, we are investing in online training.

What are the challenges facing the company over the next five years?

Making use of the economic recession to start growing again and enter surrounding markets interested in healthcare, benefiting from our experience and specialisation as a way in which to extend the promotion of good health in our society as a means of facing the challenge of our ageing population, which is one of the major problems in European society. In order to resolve this problem, which affects not only our generation, but in particular that of our children, companies can play a fundamental role. We have developed a product and methodology based on 20 years’ experience and large-scale European innovation projects, which we will launch and promote soon, for development over the next five years. We hope to have as much success as we have had with our ‘Excellent Health’ scheme, which now totals over 200 projects involving 100,000 people from all over Spain.

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