Manuel Peris, CEO of Grupo DAS Audio, has a degree in Business Administration and Management, is a graduate of IESE and has spent the past decade managing the international expansion of the nation’s leading manufacturer of professional sound systems for large events, music festivals, tours and stadiums, which is now present in a large part of the globe.

DAS Audio was committed to internationalisation from the outset. What strategy are you currently pursuing in international markets?

Internationalisation has been part of our company since its inception more than forty years ago. Indeed the DAS name and brand (Dynamic And Sound) is a reflection of our commitment to internationalisation since the outset, even attending international trade shows from as early as the late 1970s. This international strategy and approach is still with DAS Audio today, when you consider that 90% of our turnover comes from outside Spain.

In what markets are you present and in what way?

We are present in more than sixty countries, mostly through distributors, except in the U.S. and Singapore, where we set up our own subsidiaries after carrying out implementation plans.

Which markets have the most potential for the future?

The market with the most potential for our company has always been and will continue to be the USA. It is the world’s largest economy and the main global benchmark and trailblazer for our industry.

Being a highly specialised company, differentiating yourselves from the competition is vital. What is your competitive advantage over rival brands?

The reliability of our systems and customer service are just some of the advantages or strengths that we are known for in the sector, in addition to an excellent quality-price ratio.

How important is innovation for a company like DAS Audio? And brand image?

Brand image, innovation and internationalisation mean EVERYTHING to DAS Audio.

What challenges has the company set itself for the short to medium term?

In addition to ongoing innovation in order to remain at the forefront of our industry, other challenges for the coming years include investing in our brand image and continuing our expansion plans in countries like China and Brazil.

How do you manage the brand’s online presence?

Having an online presence is important to us. We have a website and are present in social media, such as Facebook; we have a photo gallery in Flickr, a Twitter account, a document and catalogue library in Issuu and a YouTube channel.

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