Engineer by ICAI and Master AD 1 San Telmo. He is Osborne’s CEO since 1996. Vice-President of the Family Business Institute. He represents Osborne at the Andalusian Association of Family Business and the Leading Brands of Spain Forum. Additionally he is CEO of Bongrain, S. A. since April 2009.  He is member of the Advisory Board of Rabobank and represents Osborne at the Executive Commission of the Spanish Wine Federation, being President of that Federation since 2006-2008. Lastly, he is member of the BBVA Andalusian Regional Council.

Osborne is a company with a clear international vocation. Which are the main selection criteria that decide the entrance into a new market?

First of all, we have to decide if it is a market to which we want to export or in which we want to introduce a certain structure. For that, previously, we have to perform and exhaustive study of the market and the consumers’ habit of that market. Afterwards, we have to value if our brands and abilities are competitive for that. On the other hand, the country has to have the legal conditions for us to develop our activity with guarantees and lastly it must have future growth possibilities.

What role does the brand play in the internalization process?

For us, brands are the only vehicle that we use to develop our businesses. Osborne is not competitive in markets and sectors based on volumes and exclusive price competition. Branding allows us during the internalization to differentiate us from any other producer in the world.

The connection with the image of Spain, is it a factor that adds value to the Osborne Group brands? Why?

Very frequently, Spain has a better external image than what we believe. Gastronomy, art, design, holidays… that is how they see us and how we are. Without any doubt, these are positive values for our brands and clients all around the world. In addition, our company is a family business very connected to its roots and that is also a competitive advantage because helps our clients to understand our brands philosophy.

What does a company like Osborne need to keep growing abroad?

Apart from a legislative environment, coordination between the several administrations in Spain, and other external aspects, the main feature that the companies need in order to grow internationally is SIZE. It is a virtuous circle, the bigger the company is, more internalization opportunities we will have, and vice versa.

Which is the promotion strategy that Osborne is following for each brand in international markets?

Well, we have a wide portfolio of brands, but they all base their promotion strategy in common on consolidating the sales of our products in the more premium section of every category. Normally, the beginning of brand recognition is produced in the hospitality sector, followed by great distribution. However, the best promotion strategy is “commitment to quality”.

Which challenges will face the company in the next 5 years?

At Osborne we know that we have to gain size. The two channels in our strategic plan are the non-organic growth in Spain and a solid bet on be established in a number of external markets.

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