logo-cumbre-II-soloOn 24 May 2012, the Leading Brands of Spain Association organised, alongside the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club and the Spanish Association of Executives, the 2nd Business Summit on Internationalisation, during which a report was presented with measures to improve the foreign competitiveness of Spanish companies.

The event took place at the CaixaForum auditorium in Madrid and was chaired by HRH the Prince of Asturias. The 2nd Summit also was attended by the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz; and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Gonzalo de Benito.

Measures to improve the foreign competitiveness of companies centred on three major areas: financial and tax measures, trade and image measures, and measures related to talent management. The proposals presented revolved around seven strategic pillars.

1. Collaboration between the public and private sector.

2. Segmentation of exporters by size and their stage of development regarding the internationalisation process.

3. Tax framework that favours the competitiveness and internationalisation of companies and their executives.

4. Availability of financial resources for internationalisation.

5. Commitment to internationalisation with brands.

6. Promoting and defending the country’s image.

7. Managing talent and having the right teams.

Also, during the summit a discussion was held with senior executives ofleading brands in the world of internationalisation: Iberdrola, Ega Master, Indra, Técnicas Reunidas, Aquaolgy (Agbar) and Paradores.

All participants agreed on the importance of internationalisation to get the Spanish economy back on the road to growth, ensuring the competitiveness and survival of companies, and stimulate the creation of jobs.





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