The Leading Brands of Spain Association (AMRE) and COFIDES (Compañía Española de Financiación del Desarrollo, S.A.) have agreed to implement a new line of venture capital financing.

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With a fund of 50 million euros, COFIDES has created the Capital line for the internationalisation of Spanish brands, FINMARCA, along with AMRE to promote the overseas expansion of Spanish companies in this association.

To do this, on 24 April, the Chairman of the Leading Brands of Spain Association, José Luis Bonet, and the Chairman of COFIDES, Salvador Marín, signed an agreement within the framework of the 15th Anniversary of the Leading Brands Forum held in Barcelona.  Throughout the two-year agreement, both institutions agree to promote this line, which is a public-private partnership to promote the internationalisation of Spanish companies.

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Thus, COFIDES undertakes to evaluate and carry out the analysis, formalisation, disbursement, monitoring and divestment of the operations.  In turn, AMRE will be responsible for promoting FINMARCA among the companies, channelling projects towards the line and presenting the operations to COFIDES.

The more than 100 Spanish companies that are members of AMRE are eligible for FINMARCA. The requirements include that the shares in the capital of the companies are minority and, in any case, not more than that of the reference shareholder.  Moreover, it is a line compatible with co-financing from other investment funds.  The reference limits of the COFIDES investment under FINMARCA will be between 2 million and 30 million euros per transaction.

After signing the agreement, the chairman of COFIDES, Salvador Marín, highlighted the importance of FINMARCA which “will contribute to strengthening the presence of the Spanish brands abroad that are present in international markets.  We hope that with this COFIDES financing, they have even greater reassurance, and also consolidate their headquarters in Spain.” In addition, he stressed that “this line was requested by AMRE, in order to promote the international growth of its members and at COFIDES we have responded to their needs.”

The chairman of the Leading Brands of Spain Association, José Luis Bonet, stressed that “the launch of FINMARCA is a stimulus for Spanish brands with growth projects abroad.  Financing is critical to expand operations internationally, and a line like FINMARCA will help our partners to undertake strategic projects, either through production or commercial locations, through the acquisition of international or local brands already established in a particular market, or simply to increase production capacity, increase size and become more competitive internationally. ” “Our Association  has been defending, for quite a while now, the need to promote vehicles for public-private investment, in venture capital schemes as an alternative to bank financing and to promote the internationalisation of Spanish companies, and FINMARCA is the answer to this concern,” Bonet said.

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